I'm looking for the title of the prison movie or TV series from 80's or 90's. Definitely USA. I remember only short and violent scene, perhaps at the start of episode/movie. Two men are prisoners. Perhaps, they are brothers or only buddies. They wears blue jeans and light blue denim or chambray work shirts. Their main opposite man is nefarious prison guard. The warden says to prisoner: "You are free, so you go home", so the prisoner goes slowly (not runs). When he goes through long corridor and he is backed, warden shot him (short pistol, not rifle or shotgun) in his back. Unfortunately, the prisoner is dead (it was sudden and lethal shot in the back). Then, prison guard says to second prisoner: "You will be suffer". Second prisoner is scared, he cried probably and kneeled.

I'm almost sure that it could be low budget movie (typical low budget action thriller about an undercover cop forced to infiltrate a tough American jail) or TV Series. I remember that I saw it at least twice in my life. It was many years ago in Polish television entitled POLSAT. I'm sure that it was USA. I found very similar plot of episode "Matlock", season 4, episode 9 - althouth I doubt, because there were dead Caucasian man, not African American. I watched this between 1998 and 2002.

After an attempted prison breakout, one of the prisoners is killed, presumably by one of the guards. The prisoners riot and take over the prison, insisting on an in-prison trial for the guard. Matlock is recruited to defend the guard.

Is it possible?

1. Cool Hand Luke (1967)
2. Papillon (1973)
3. Escape from Alcatraz (1979)
4. Brubaker (1980)
5. Bad Boys (1983)
6. Six Against the Rock (TV Movie 1987)
7. Tango & Cash (1989)
8. An Innocent Man(1989)
9. Lock Up (1989)
10. Hardcase and Fist (1989)
11. Death Warrant (1990)
12. American Me (1992)
13. Live by the Fist (1993)[b]
14.The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - however here is very similar scene (shot in a back by a prison guard)

15. Against the Wall (1994)
16. Murder in the First (1995)
15. The Last Castle (2001) - however here is similar scene(shot in a back by a prison guard)
17. 13 Dead Men (2003)

TV Series - episodes connected with prison - rejected too:
1. "Knight Rider" No Big Thing (TV Episode 1982)
Knight Rider "Knight Behind Bars" (TV Episode 1985)

2. MacGyver "The Escape" (1986)

3. The Fall Guy "That's Right, We're Bad" (1981)
4. Walker, Texas Ranger - any of these prison episodes

5. Homicide Life On The Street - "Prison Riot " (1996)
6. New York Undercover - "No Place Like Hell" (1997)
7. 7. Oz - all episodes (TV Series 1997–2003)
8. Prison Break - all episodes are rejected
9. Sentinel - Prisoner X