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Thread: General hospital?

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    Default General hospital?

    Just been reading the thread called 80's afternoon TV and all of a sudden this came into my mind. It's one of those memories that I'm not 100% sure if it's real or just in my mind.
    Any way I seem to remember my mother watching an afternoon hospital drama and I think it was General Hospital, however that only thing that sticks in my mind in a man getting his head stuck in the sliding doors of a lift.

    Am I making this up or just mixing up 2 different memories

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    There was definitely a programme called General Hospital on ITV in the afternoons from 1972 to 1979 - can still remember the signature tune

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    It's a bit confusing that there was a British show called this, as was as an American one.
    The Trickster On The Roof

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    I remember General Hospital (UK) very well, and like Nicola, can still recall the theme tune - well tunes, actually. There was a half hour version of the series that had a kind of gentle, meandering theme and the hour long version that was much more up-beat - all drums and brass!

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