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Thread: Football - Automatic Relegation/Promotion(1987)

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    Default Football - Automatic Relegation/Promotion(1987)

    I can always recall this Football Season as if it was yesterday and the first 2 Clubs to automaticaly be Relegated and Promoted from the old Division 4 (Leauge 2 in Today's Cuurency) to the then GM Vauxhall Confrence (now the BSP Premier).

    I always recall it was Linvcoln City and Sacrborough who were the first two Clubs who this then new idea happend for as opposed to the old voting system of the Bottom 4 had to re-apply and so did so many Clubs who wanbted to join the Leauge apply.

    At one point in Season 1986-1987 it so looked like it would be Burnley - Leauge Champions of the old Division 1 as recently (in 1960 which in Football terms 27 Seasons/Years is not much) time.

    The Club I support have never suffered being voted out of the Leauge, though I think we had to go to the vote once or twice but I am so gald this "route" was created as it gives so many Clubs a chance they neve3r had after being voted out of the Leauge. i hope that this way continues for all my lifetime and beyond, it is better I think and offers such great opportunities too.

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    Default Re: Football - Automatic Relegation/Promotion(1987)

    The old voting system never seemed that fair as some teams were voted out after only 1 bad season, while some others seemed to stay in after years of bad performances.

    Also some up & coming teams would find it hard to get into the league, supposedly Wigan even tried to get into the Scottish league after failing to be elected.
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    Default Re: Football - Automatic Relegation/Promotion(1987)

    I totaly agree with you Richard about the voting system - teams had no chance, I mean where would 2 Clubs who failed to complete a Season be (Aldershot and Accrington Stanley) without this route! I am so pleased it can happen for them as I hope too the 3rd Club Maidstione who never managed to begin the 1992-1993 Season. it is just so great it happened.

    The ever growing list of Clubs who had never got Promotion to a higher level they deserveit totaly I think, eg like Accrington Stanley, Aldershot, Barnet, Burton Albion, Crawley, Dagenham & Redbridge, Kidderminster, Macclesfield, Morecambe, Stevenage and Wycombe, though i'm sure there are others i've forgot - sorry if I have missed any members Clubs from the list. Clubs just so deserve this chance I think and would probably of never got the chance they deserved, if this idea had not happend,thoughthe old system workled in other way's too.

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