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Thread: Gene hackman

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    His best films : The French Connection, French Connection II, Cisco Pike, Night Moves, Mississipi Burning, Prime Cut, Bonnie & Clyde, No Way Out.

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    Gene Hackman also nearly directed Silence Of The Lambs. He was rumoured to be in line for the Lecter role, either that or Scott Glenn's FBI veteran.

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    He was brilliant in both French Connection films.

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    I love Gene Hackman in Narrow Margin, one of my fave films.
    I don't think I've watched him in anything else.

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    He's great in The French Connection & won an Oscar for playing Popeye Doyle in it.

    In the Christopher Reeve Superman films he was very good as Lex Luthor.
    The Trickster On The Roof

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