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Thread: Fox, They of "Only You Can"

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    Amazing that S-s-single Bed was only mentioned in the previous post - that is what I would have associated Fox with. Apart from the BBC Four TOTP repeats when they started, I only seem to hear their songs on Pick of the Pops these days and nowhere else.
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    The brainchild of Fox was American multitalented artist Kenny Young, who is a producer as well as a singer/songwriter/musician. Very prolific and engaging guy. After Noosha left Fox, Kenny Young became lead singer and renamed the band Yellow Dog. They had one major hit with "Just One More Night" in 1978, and then he turned to music production in the 80's and set up the band Gentlemen Without Weapons who had a minor hit in Australia with the environmental polemic "Unconditional Love (Planet Earth)" which had a beautiful video to go with it, but did little to gain worldwide success. GWW started up the organisation Earth Love Fund which gives grants to English artists who want to do projects focused on preserving the natural environment. Kenny also has his own group on Facebook called Kenny Young Appreciation Society, which celebrates his illustrious music career stretching right back to the early 60's till today.

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    I prefer Fox's singles Only You Can and Imagine Me, Imagine You (the latter has a really beautiful B-side: If I Point At The Moon).

    Also, Yellow Dog had a couple of near-hits: Wait Until Midnight and Little Gods, both of which I like almost as much as Just One More Night.

    Finally, I have the GWW album and can recommend that as well. Apparently, a lot of the "instrumentation" was actually found animal sounds, treated and sampled.

    Check out Kenny's songwriting credits on hits such as Under The Boardwalk and Captain Of Your Ship!

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