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Thread: Seaside memories

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    Being by the sea is relaxing takes the stresses away

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    Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington or Blackpool were our haunts.

    I live pretty much dead central between east and west coast so it could go either way, was mainly the east coast though, great places every one of em.

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    Botany Bay in Broadstairs, Margate. Spent all my summer holidays as a nipper in the 70's in that part of the world.

    My parents took us all to France and the Spain from 1980 onwards but those holidays in Margate were magical. The chalk cliffs down there had tunnels burrowed into them that me and my brother would explore (reckless 70's childhood).

    Getting sand in my sandwiches (how ironic) which made them crunchy but then have an ice cream from the hut in the afternoon (normally a Lyons Maid Haunted House).

    Playing Crazy golf and the penny shove machines in Margate. Summers then were just fantastic

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    It seems I am on my own on this one, in that I have NEVER had a seaside holiday. As Blackpool is my home town that is probably not surprising lol. Even tho I now live on the Costa del Sol a day in Alicante or Benidorm seems like an awful day out. Drunken holiday off prices...ten deep at the bar ( both here and in Blackpool ). I live in the mountains about 25 miles from Alicante and the coast, and as a former SandGrown'un ( local slang for being brought up in Blackpool ) the peace and quiet is beautiful !! When I do go back to UK, a quiet week in a hired boat fishing on the Norfolk Broads wins every time for me.
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    You cannot beat peace & tranquility cant abide noise and drunken behaviour

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    Rhyl, Llandudno, Aberystwyth, Clarach Bay and Towyn were towns we spent our week's holiday in when I was growing up, almost always in a caravan. Things that I remember from those days include:

    Seeing the donkeys being brought onto the beach and choosing which one to ride on--all those I saw had their names on their bridles.

    Eating fish and chips on the sea wall--they seemed to taste better at the seaside.

    Building sand castles on the beach, digging big holes and trying to fill them with sea water.

    Choosing postcards from those racks outside shops. Just the simple pleasure of reading the cheeky cartoon ones and not really understanding them when you were very young.

    Your mom or dad holding a towel around you as you changed into swimming trunks on the beach.

    Exploring rock pools to see what creatures were there and finding jellyfish on the beach.

    Sitting at the edge of the beach and letting the sea lap around you.

    The smell of sea salt and seaweed on the beach. The smell of candy floss, chips, burgers on the front.

    The sounds of sea birds while you played on the beach and the warmth of the sand on your feet.

    Playing the machines in the amusement arcades and women sitting at those bingo boards that lit up.

    The excitement at your first glimpse of the sea as you got closer to your destination.

    Going to the camp shop to get a paper for your dad early in the morning.

    Playing with kids on the beach, knowing you would probably never see them again.

    So many great memories......

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    Caravan hols in Oxwich Bay in Wales (the Gower peninsula) and St. Oseth
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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    Cant disagree there many times i remember sitting on the beach as the sun went down watching the waves come in the smell of the seaweed.
    Sometimes id be sitting on top of the sand dunes too with the golf course running along beside it.

    Quote Originally Posted by amethyst View Post
    you cannot beat peace & tranquility cant abide noise and drunken behaviour

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    I agree completely. A walk on the beach early morning...the sun just coming up and no-one in sight...just the sound of the waves and sea birds...the sand smooth and clear of footprints...just wonderful

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    Nice picture darren

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