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    A few more amusements I remember...

    A shooting game in which the butt end of a rifle stuck out of the machine and there was an eyepiece to look through to see a target. Optics made the target appear far away. You could move the rifle and had one shot at the target. After shooting, the machine dropped a paper target out of a slot and you could see how close you got to the bull.

    A machine gun mounted as to appear like those you would see on old WWI aircraft. Enemy aircraft would fly across and you had to shoot them down, cue flashing lights and sound effects.

    A game where crocodiles would poke their heads out of holes, their mouths would open and you had to use a kind of hammer to bash their mouths shut. The crocodile heads would move in and out faster and faster as the game progressed.

    A football game where you would press various levers to make players run up and down grooves to kick the ball.

    The arcade bingo section where people would sit at boards and a person would shout out the numbers. If you had a number you would slide a little door to cover it. Lots of older woman and young women with babies in pushchairs seemed to play this one.

    Not an amusement, but almost every amusement arcade would have a little cubicle inside which a bored looking person would sit to give change, which would drop down a chute.

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    I have always associated these sort of things a lot more with northern coastal towns such as Blackpool or Scarborough - there seems to be a very northern feel to them, just like bingo and gambling (think of Coronation Street characters doing that sort of thing). I suppose that it is because working class people are more likely to use them when they visit or stay in a coastal town.

    Not quite coastal towns but when the annual Goose Fair comes around at the start of October each year, there are plenty of those sorts of things there as well, although it is only for a maximum of five days in the year.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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