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Thread: What was that dance called?

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    Anyone (30-40s) remember doing the dance to Jingo by Candido

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    I've done the 'oops upside your head' dance many times. Most recently it was at a party a couple of years ago BUT it was done to James' 'Sit Down'. Clearly a result of intoxicated 30-somethings knowing it was definitely buns to the floor time but then getting the dances mixed up. 'Sit Down' of course requires an instant drop to the floor with much hand waving. No chain and synchronised oops uping of the arms is necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brucef View Post
    I remember a dance where you all sat in a line on the floor with your legs astride the person in front and then swayed from side to side and stuff. What was that dance called and what song was it meant to go with?
    i think it was called the Boat all parties did it and we even did it at my friends wedding reception it was great fun

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    I hated the dance!

    Sitting on the sticky, fag butt infested nightclub floor was an absolute sure fire way of messing up your clobber. Just horrid!

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