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Thread: Please save my sanity

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    I've just joined this forum in a desperate attempt to remember an advert from the 80's (I think).

    I'm sure it was a beer advert and it was a parody of the soap 'Dallas'.
    An American guy is sitting in his office when his secretary brings him in a beer. Another guy then enters and claims to be his twin brother and who's there to help him look for their long lost father.
    Their father then walks in and asks about their mother, who of course enters (followed by her clone).
    The mother then says "Now all together, how we gonna rescue Emmy-Lou?", predictably, Emmy-Lou enters.

    The ad ends with a gun shot ringing out and the father asking "Who's that guy that's just been shot" and one of his sons replying "That WAS the scriptwriter".

    sorry for rambling but I remember everything about this ad except what the bloody product was.

    please help, it's been doing my head in for weeks.

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's got to be a Heineken ad. Unfortunately I've searched all over the net and just can't find it, but I'm positive it was Heineken.

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