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Thread: When Channel 4 started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beccabear67 View Post
    Brookside did get about us surreal in it's plots as any soaps, seems to be some sort of inherent seed in the form no matter how relatively realistic it might start off. In Brookside's case it was named for an actual close development near Liverpool they just bought up and used for the show.
    When actors like Brian Murphy joined, it turned into a parody of itself, and I stopped watching it. After Brookie went off-air, they sold the close for a healthy profit.

    I read that Channel 4 was meant to cater to minority interests somehow. I think possibly some bureaucrats wanted to say it answered complaints they'd had about (fill-in-the-blank interest) not getting coverage?
    It did start off as a good alternative to what is now called the mainstream media. But by the end of the 1990s, once it's funding had changed, so did the quality of the "independant" programmes.

    She had an undeclared war going on with tv broadcasters, especially ITV's Thames, and Channel 4's addition was one of the first things that took place that many in the industry disliked... making for the same ad money being spread among more programmes, many of which were lower budget out-sourced and/or imported. Another was an idea to simply auction the licenses off to a highest bidder. This lead to many franchises losing their market, like Thames (they crossed her with some news programme involving a shooting incident in Gibraltar which was counter to the government's report of the incident), even after making all sorts of economies and layoffs. Later Sky was allowed to go ahead in the satellite arena without having to cover the many public service and technical requirements BSB had been made to (and this lead to them merging when BSB seemed to run through it's limit of spending slightly before Sky had and they became BSkyB). There was a movement for quality in broadcasting for a few years with Rowan Atkinson and Terry Jones involved as celebrities against some of the measure forced by Thatcher which they disagreed with.==
    I think her war was fully declared; If you recall her stupid ban on broadcasting any comments from IRA members, which resulted in the silly situation where their voices were replaced like a news version of Eurotrash! And later she regreted deregulating the TV channels, as it resulted in her sending a letter of apology to Bruce Gingell after he lost the GMTV franchise. Look how bland and generic British TV is now.

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    I was the one to tune it our TV (button ITV2!) - I was only 8

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    One problem ITV had until the start of the 1980s was deciding which shows to network, & often some programming ended up being shown in certain regions, especially if it was a little off-beat.

    Channel 4 did allow some more off-beat programmes to be shown nationwide, especially if made my one of the smaller companies who had limited leverage.

    It it's early days a lot of then current ITV shows had repeat runs on C4, some of the earlier episodes of Inspector Morse come to mind.
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