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Thread: Princes Diana - 20 years and a Day since her passing

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    Default Princes Diana - 20 years and a Day since her passing

    I am sure there is another Princes Diana thead, but not one that aligns with the 20th Anniversery of the passing of the Princess - hence why I made the title and the thread as so

    What else can be said about arguably the most talked about and written about Lady inb modern History - par it is unbeliveable it is 20 years and a day since Princess Diana tragically passed away in Paris

    If too you can re-collect and want to add what you was upto on heareing the news that Sunday Morning (as most of us I guess can recall the Morning - like if you was alive when JFK got shot and John Lennon or when Elvis passed away - please do add

    I apologize in advance to Heather, Daddy etc if I am wrong etc and missed a thread that could be deemed more relevent to Princess Diana - but given it is 20 years I thought the topic deserved it's own new thread


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    Default Re: Princes Diana - 20 years and a Day since her passing

    I do remember what I was doing when I heard she had died. I was in bed and switched on the radio about 5.50am I think. The usual Radio 4 programme wasn't on and it took the news report a while to recap that she had been killed in a car crash. They were talking about the death being a tragedy but it was a bit before her name was mentioned. I was shocked and got up and went downstairs to tell my wife, who was downstairs making our son a bottle.

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    Default Re: Princes Diana - 20 years and a Day since her passing

    I too remember what I was doing that morning...laying in bed nursing a bad head from the night before. Quite a heavy night on a mixture of beer, cider, Jack Daniel's and Sothern Comfort. At first, I thought it was the Queen Mother had died. It was sometime before I heard them say Diana. The TV was on downstairs and I could make out the news from my bedroom.
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    Default Re: Princes Diana - 20 years and a Day since her passing

    It was Saturday night here in the US. I had spent the day at a street festival and when I got home that evening about 7:00 or 8:00 PM the TV was on CNN and my mom had told me that Princess Diana was injured in a car crash. We switched back and forth between CNN and Fox News which was carrying Sky TV's coverage in its entirety.

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    Default Re: Princes Diana - 20 years and a Day since her passing

    I was at a friend's place. There were 3 of us in total and we were watching the news after a night out prior to us all going on a boy's trip to Italy. It was all over the news when we got there!

    When my fair lady and I went to Paris a few years ago, we went to the "Diana bridge" to pay our respects...
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