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Thread: Let's Carry On.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker View Post
    It is Carry on Doctor.
    The scene appears on the 82 minute point of the film where Hattie Jacques tries to seduce Kenneth Williams.
    I'll check it out later ☺
    Very good question, it had me stumped!

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    I have some Carry On trivia....

    In Carry On Cabby, Amanda Barrie plays a cab driver, in real life though she couldn't drive so her cab was towed so it looked like she was driving.

    In Carry On Camping, between filming, Sid James would disappear into an old caravan he had on site, he would often be joined by his co-star Babs Windsor.

    In Carry On Doctor, Sid James was recovering from a heart attack in real life, so the production team had his character confined to a hospital bed for most of his scenes. ☺

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