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Thread: 70s 80s Mechanical games - Android recreations

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    Default 70s 80s Mechanical games - Android recreations

    I've always loved mechanical games, probably what steered me towards mechanical engineering.

    As a kid I collected and bought various games, some of which I still have, some I never got.

    I've been a fan of Android devices since their launch too. Recently I've found a few Android apps where the developers have recreated or simulated the old 70s/80s Mechanical toys for free so you can play them again on your smart phone.

    Thought some of you guys might enjoy these too.

    Here are the links...

    Tomy - Digital Derby

    Tomy - Trip over Traps (or Tricky traps)

    Anyone else love these, or have links for similar?

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    Default Re: 70s 80s Mechanical games - Android recreations

    One of my friends had Electro Derby, which might have been handed down from his older brother.
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    Default Re: 70s 80s Mechanical games - Android recreations

    I got the desert race from Tomy for my 10th birthday.
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    Default Re: 70s 80s Mechanical games - Android recreations

    They look fab!
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