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Thread: Bio Tex "You Make Me Fell Brand New"

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    Default Bio Tex "You Make Me Fell Brand New"

    Yes, I am talking about the mid 1980s classic advert which I am reminded off whenever I hear The Stylistics sing "You Make Me Feel Brand New" on Pick of the Pops or "Name the Year" quizzes are on the radio.

    The product seemed to be aimed at Hilda Ogden-alike housewives mostly, who still hand-washed things, pre-1950s style in the 1980s (just like my late mother). My family home had a top loader and I am certain that we used the stuff, but you would never see her set foot inside a launderette for she was too house proud.

    The advert shows us how clean net curtains, bedsheets, a young lad's shirt, and, wait for it, a woman's white knickers. Cue young woman (who must have been a 22 year old model at the time) liberally showing us her knickers to the camera - something you wouldn't even get in a Persil advert these days. A male voiceover (not Gary Watson) tells us about the product can get rid of the four sample stains of "blood, sweat, gravy and egg". The mind boggles how the last two got on there, unless Felicity Kendal had something to do with it... Because of that advert, I always assumed for many years that the Stylistics were women, hence the fact that the "washer and soaker-upper" [sic] was mostly aimed at housewives. I believe that it ran from 1982 to 1988 (around the same time as the Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills advert).

    It always rubbed shoulders with other housewives' gems of advertising on a weekday lunchtime at the time while we were waiting for Leonard Parkin to give us the latest world news. Yes, I do mean such fare as Jenny "Shake n Vac" Logan; Milton sterilising fluid (follow the red stripe around the kitchen) which TV-am seemed to show before going off-air for the day; and Jif (not Cif in those days) cream cleaner when they ripped off that Andy Kim song.

    I saw Bio-Tex on the shelves of the local Co-op around 15 years ago, so I think that it is still being made (I think of it more as a Unilever than P&G detergent because it advertises similar to Persil rather than Ariel or Bold), although I don't recall it being advertised on television since the 1990s anyway.

    It is on YT if you don't know which advert I am referring to - I think that it was a classic, mostly because of the woman in her undies on there.
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    Default Re: Bio Tex "You Make Me Fell Brand New"

    I used to like the Bio-Tex advert, apart from the title "You Make Me Feel Brand New" was an odd choice, as that style of music was very out of fashion in the early 1980s.

    Because of that I used to think it was made a lot earlier.
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