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Thread: Starsky and Hutch or the Professionals ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agfagaevart View Post

    Loved me S&H but...Watching the Pros on a Friday night was a very big part of my weekend ritual years ago; Getting indoors from school with my comics and a packet of Ringos / monster munch / etc. Sit in front of the telly and watch some Ghosts of Motely Hall, then Grange Hill. Then back to ITV which would by then be LWT. Some muppet show at 7pm. or Sale of the Century. Some A Team or Hardcastle & McCormick depending on the year of course...Some sitcom on around 8.30pm. Then...The Professionals!! After that listen to Capital Radio's Best Disco In Town show. Memories bring a tear to me eyes...
    Yes, Friday nights were not the same without those programmes or Play Your Cards Right or Family Fortunes (cue brown and beige set and Monkhouse or Bygraves as host); some American series (Vegas, Simon and Simon, The Fall Guy), a Yorkshire TV sitcom such as That's My Boy or some series with Thora Hird, and then The Gentle Touch, but your schedule would be around four or five years before mine would have been.
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    The Professionals was better. Starsky & Hutch was good in its first 2 series, but became too goofy and comedic because of complaints made against its violence. The Pros had a faster pace, action galore, intelligent storylines, Gordon Jackson and also, Martin Shaw & Lewis Collins did their own stunts. I watched Backtrack last night and it was enjoyable enough, a solid way to spend Saturday night.

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    The Sweeney reigns supreme in my view ... the storylines still stand up today ..acting was fabulous and the casting ( including the guest actor / criminal ) each episode was top notch

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    The Sweeney was an excellent crime drama that was ahead of its time and had great scripts. You could tell Thaw and Waterman enjoyed themselves and they remained friends after the show ended. This really captured the feel of what London was like in the 1970s.

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    I never cared for Starsky & Hutch when it was on. Never watched in repeats either. I think they sold a lot of toy cars because of it, but I didn't get into it. I did like The Professionals... maybe as much because of Gordon Jackson as any other factor?
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    Oh please, Starsky and Hutch was funky and watchable. As for Gordon Jackson, he'd always be drinking that malt Scotch Whisky. I need to taste that drink to find out what he saw in it

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