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    Johnny Young (Young Talent Time) is Australia's alleged Jimmy Savile figure - in the eighties, the Murdoch press and many a child in an Australian school yard decided that Young was a bit *too* enamoured of his Young Talent Time cast. It didn't help when poor Courtney Compagnino had to sing at a YTT concert dressed like this - (WARNING: this was taken at a family-friendly concert in Sydney but looks unfortunate because of the stage lights interacting with the costume. DO NOT LOOK if you do not wish to: .

    I think you're seeing it correctly, because I'm seeing the same thing. I'm hoping it's one of the instances where they didn't realise what would happen to the material under the lights, & not a deliberate choice.

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    Did not know about Johnny Young... I grew up in Australia in the 70s before moving back to the UK in 76. Used to be my favourite show along with Skippy. I've still got one of their albums somewhere. This was pre Danni and kylie of course and for me as a very innocent time. Sad if it has now been tainted. I do remember when I think channel 4 did a similar kind of show in the 80s, think it was called minipops that even then I thought it was out of order and the kids had been ridiculously over sexualized.

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    Being British, this show is new to me. However, it reminded me of a similar programme shown on UK television around the same time. It was called Junior Showtime and was hosted by Bobby Bennett from a theatre in, I believe, Leeds. Both performers and audiences were children, and acts were song and dance, stand-up comedians, magicians etc. Several performers went on to fame, including Bonnie Langford, Mark Curry, Lisa Stansfield and Pauline Quirke. I can't remember if the acts were one-offs or whether there was a weekly winner a la Opportunity Knocks.

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    Junior Showtime also reminds me of Minipops as well.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    the children in Minipops had an afterlife of touring and concerts for a while after being driven off Channel 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria O'Keefe View Post
    the children in Minipops had an afterlife of touring and concerts for a while after being driven off Channel 4.
    They also recorded quite a few LPs of songs they performed live, along with one for the TV series.
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