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Thread: RIP Norman Hunter

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    Norman Hunter has sadly passed away today aged 76 years old - just shy of a week after being confirmed as having Corona Virus

    Say no more - wht legend Norman was .... one of football Hard Cases of the great Leeds Utd 70s Teams, just like Billy Bremner (who is sadly no longer with us) and all the other "great/proper Football-ers of the day" too like Allan Clarke etc too. Footballers not affraid to make a tackle indeed, true Men - just like Rugby guy's (not like Footballers of today who'll fall down for a Penalty .... and yeah "here is looking at you Alan Shearer and Mr Cleaner than Clean Gary Liniker - who'd even accidently be booked for a Penalty)!!!!

    RIP Norman Hunter
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    I remember that Leeds team well. I wasn't a fan but used to work with the the wife of a former player. Thankfully he never bit my legs! RIP Norman.

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