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Thread: 60 years from Roswell.......

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    I have an avid interest in Aviation 1940 onwards, and have heard quite a few encounters by level headed Fighter Pilots and I dont think anything can be ruled out, I shall keep an open mind on this subject.

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    I think it would be pretty arrogant to believe we are the only life form in the universe.
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    I reckon that Area 51's where the US make THEIR WMD and nukes. Why else d'you think THEY don't like UN Weapons inspectors inspecting THEM? but then again, there's a superb chill out resort called Las Vegas (I'm sure there's a thread for a TV programe od the same name) in Nevada.

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    I seen a ufo about 20 years ago, it was mid winter about 7pm and it was dark outside, i was alone walking down a quiet road to my mothers house when in my peripheral view hovering very low at about 500ft i saw a pitch black wedge shaped object, it had no lights and made no sound,then it was gone. This all happened in the space of 10 seconds, i told my wife and she laughed,i told my mother and she laughed but thats fine because i know what i saw and if people can't accept the possibility of extraterestrial life thats not my problem
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