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Thread: who made it?

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    Default who made it?

    When I was little I had a little orange dog cuddly toy. It had black ears, black eyes and a black button nose, was set in the lying down position, with a red loop on its head so you could hang it on a hook I think. I lost it on holiday in Cyprus years ago . Because I am a nostalgic type I would like to try to find a similar one to buy, I have looked on eBay but no joy, does anyone have any suggestions to the brand name or where I could buy one?
    The most similar pic is this:

    Although mine had no eyebrows completely black eyes, smaller nose and black ears.

    Long shot I know but any help would be welcome.

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    Could it have been an Animal Fair Henry ? They came in different sizes.

    1960's and 1970's

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	orangedogblackears.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by drinkupretty View Post

    No not animal fair henry, the dog was set in the same position as this pic ^

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    Try searching Dakin Drooper

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    Quote Originally Posted by huggie74 View Post
    Try searching Dakin Drooper
    Thats what the pic is, the toy I had was similar but not a dakin drooper as far as I can see.

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    Default Re: who made it?

    Ohhh right I see you cant quite see him properly in that picture I posted (his ears looked more black)

    Ohh well I'll keep my eye out for you

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    It wasn't a pound puppy was it? Not the type I had put a pound puppy all the same

    these are more like what I had

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    lol I feel like a right difficult g*t at the moment, not a pound puppy unfortunately. like I said that ebay pick I put up looks very similar head on but with the few variations I wrote earlier. Oh also it didn't have out-streched legs the back. Don't know if I'll ever find a similar one, it was originally from a car boot sale so I'm told so I havn't a clue when the thing was made, I owned it in the 90's though.

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    LOL dont feel bad if a memory is worth searching for its got to be the right one we find.
    We dont settle for anything less than a YES!!! here at DYR

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    Default Re: who made it?

    awful bit of photo editing I know but this is what the toy looks like:

    again I apologise for the photo!

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