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Thread: Northern amusement parks

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    Quote Originally Posted by havasack View Post
    The Spanish city was iconic and took on a new life for us when the metro opened and we could get there so much easier from the west end, Dire Straits's "Tunnel of love" is very reminiscent of those late summer nights for me in the early 80's. (even though I don't remember them having tunnel of love or a ghost train)
    There was definitely a ghost train. Don't think there was a tunnel of love.
    1976 Vintage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    Been looking online at amusement parks in the North I used to go to and my favs have all closed down ( sob )

    Pleasureland at Southport

    Anyone got memories of any others that have now closed?
    Pleasureland in Southport has opened again, The Zoo has closed down.

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