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    My memory is really bad but I know this existed. It is a show with an american puppet dog called 'dogsbody'. He had a poodle dog puppet friend which i can't remember the name of. she was english. It is not spacevets it is another programme but i am going crazy trying to remember. Please help

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    I immediately thought 'Spacevets', as I recall it quite well and there was certainly a character called Dogsbody who had an American accent.

    But as you say that's not the one, I'll be reaaly interested to see what the answer turns out to be.

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    Cartoon Critters

    Like Dear Mr. Barker, CC featured two puppet dogs, one named Dogsbody; the other, a bossy poodle named Fleur Pompidou . The show was themed around a particular animal each show; on which, clips about the real animal were shown with a few facts, as well as clips from classic cartoons which contained that particular animal in them (it seemed to have quite the leaning towards Tom & Jerry with at least one cartoon showing being of theirs each week). Dogsbody would then go on to show you how to draw the animal in a cartoony way (he was pretty good); that drawing would then be shown as a brief animated clip to present its situation that it was drawn in.

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    thank-you so much, your absolutely right x

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