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    Sometimes you might ask... What ever happened to that brand of?They were huge in the 80's and just disappeared, only to discover that they are still being made. Well Mothers pride was one of THE bread brands of the 70's and 80's. Typicaly white square cut basic loaves, Brown bread, wholegrain, they were considered a bit rustic and hippy or even of poorer quality than the preferred white loaf for the 1970's consumer, but still maintained popularity. Anyway, go and buy your self a nice bit of toasty nostalgia down you local supermarket today! Go on - you're bored of Kingsmill anyway.


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    I have a problem with Admin and suggest an immediate 'toasting'.

    Anyone who suggests MP (I can't even write it in full) is in any way remotely close to WARBURTON'S in taste, texture, toastability and fried breddyness is quite obviously bonkers.

    My two great losses on moving to Scotland were Holland's Pies and a good, honest medium Warbies.

    Warburtons now bake here so I have been converting numerous heathens to the great taste of real bread.

    MP? Good for cleaning windows!

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    Totally agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inkerman View Post
    I have a problem with Admin and suggest an immediate 'toasting'.

    LOL!! that's very witty but these posts are feed through from the main doyouremember website, as explained here

    Admin don't actually write them!

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    MP bread, yuk! Sliced plastic.

    'Dreams come true if you want them to'

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    I remember Mothers Pride, I used to work in a village grocery in the 70s and we sold it. But what I want to know is what happened to 'thin' sliced loaves. There always used to be Thin, Medium & Thick. Now it seems you can only get Medium (which looks about the same thickness as thin) Thick, Toastie and the like. when did is disappear off the shelves? any one answer that?

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    I worked a contract in a mothers pride bakery wiring up an additional production line, Wish i hadnt, ignorance is bliss is all i'll say.
    Ill stick with Warburtons if only for the lovely wax paper wrapper.

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    I like Mother's Pride,prefer it toasted though.

    Inkerman,what can I say,you live in Bigger!!!No wonder you have problems getting Warburtons!!! lol


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