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Thread: Worst (Funniest?) Thing I Did At School

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    Quote Originally Posted by zabadak View Post
    I went to the deputy headmaster's office voluntarily...
    Wise move.... Own up before they come looking for you!

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    Not really funny or bad .... but my mum was worried because I preferred to take either jam or banana butties for dinner and she started giving me tinned Salmon butties each day ( she'd read that salmon was 'brain' food ...)

    Anyways it as a good move as I was able to sell them each day and buy singles (45s) on the way home ...

    I used to buy the latest singles by T.Rex , Slade and Mungo Jerry before I've even heard them !!

    The first time I'd hear them was when I got home ...

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    I am unsure (but think I may have mentioned it in other threads) but once when and my best friend was in HE - which that lesson combined with Needlework - we had to write the recipe in Pen and/or Highlight it and we was all joking say it was "illegal" to wright in Red (aka a Posion Pen Letter) and this being Year 7 we all found amusing, then that Pen ran out so I tried to write with a pair of Needles (being the class joker i was/who'd do whatever they'd "make me")

    On another level it was'nt funny on reflection - but how many how many of you knew someone/or had to have you tie knot cut off!!?, cos you made it so tight or got Nutmegged with it? This happened to loads I know/knew and in every Year too!


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