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George 1978
19-07-2018, 02:33
I have been to Land's End three times in my life, and every time I have had the official "selfie" next to the iconic signpost (NOTTINGHAM 346 if you are interested, even though most atlases say something like 326 miles). I mostly stayed in Penzance or Truro when I do. Last time I stayed in Truro so that I could see a musical at the Hall for Cornwall, ironically after the cast had been in my home town the week before! I went to Land's End twice on my birthday as well.

Lots of people do the "End to End" thing on bikes - they actually thought I arrived there on a bike because it was my birthday because I was dressed like a cyclist just for a bit of fun! It fooled them quite a bit though! I did manage to get "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" put on the sign where the local mileage bit usually is.

I just love that number 1 bus that goes from from Penzance bus station to Land's End which is an open top one, and getting to see about 11 miles of countryside in between.

It was great to see the tourist attraction advertised on West Cornwall bus shelters, and also on Westcountry region ad breaks as well. I love Cornwall, and wished that I could live down there - I even put my name down for housing down there, but I had no local connection so no luck there. If it wasn't for the Newlyn Fish Festival it would be for Land's End instead. I even got to John O'Groats once as well, and hardly anyone was there apart from some seagulls and fishermen.

Have any members visited Land's End and even had their picture taken next to the signpost?

19-07-2018, 06:32
Yes ive been , my dad used to live down there in Penzance after retirement, entry was free to locals because its a part of our heritage. My kids favorite beach is half a mile from lands end called Sennen cove lovely and safe but a very steep hill to drive down to it.To enjoy Cornwall you have to get out in the sticks so to speak and take coastal walks, , nothing better on a nice day, but take a chill box filled with goodies and everything you need, perfect.

19-07-2018, 12:21
I lived in Devon for 11 years and went to Cornwall precisely once and remember nothing of it! :o

19-07-2018, 20:13
I have never been - though I don't know if John O' Groats may offer more to view

The farthest South I have deviated is Plymouth (South West) and Torquay

Plymoutyh in-particular holds the greatest and sadest memories of my life (as well as part of one one of the best years of my life) in 2002

thinking of Lands End and John O' Groats always makes me think of the Cricket Ledgend and Footballer Ian Botham and his legndary walk for charity from end to end i the mid 80s!


20-07-2018, 12:33
Some good pubs in Plymouth which, er, I can't remember (burp!)... :o

20-07-2018, 13:15
My family went to Land's End in 1980 & had our picture taken at the sign with it reading Marple xxx Miles.

22-07-2018, 10:38
Lands End is a cool place surrounded by a rough sea. I have been informed that John O'Groats is a disappointing tourist trap.