View Full Version : Zoe ball gets top job on R2

15-01-2019, 18:44
So Zoe ball gets the breakfast show on radio 2 ,touted as the top job in radio she replaces the annoying gold top Chris evans...doubt she will be on the same salary however.

George 1978
16-01-2019, 00:07
I just wish that I was back in the days of Derek "morning, morning" Jameson, or long before that, the Breakfast Special with John Dunn or Paul Hollingdale (even though it was before I was born of course).

Wogan was a good presenter, but he was wasted at a time when people are too busy getting ready for work or school. Needless to say however that I am glad that Chris Evans has decided to move on.

I would give Zoe Ball a chance though - I mostly have Today on Radio 4 instead however.

16-01-2019, 10:32
I used to enjoy Chris Evans on GLR, before he was famous. He did an early evening show on weekdays, called the Greenhouse, and a late morning show on Saturdays. Danny Baker did the programme before that one, and I quite liked that too.

George 1978
19-01-2019, 01:50
The last time I properly listened to BBC Radio 2 at breakfast time was when I did my long distance walking thing that I used to do circa 6.00 am, and having Sarah "SWs to You" Kennedy on the personal radio.

19-01-2019, 10:13
Zoe took over from Gaby Roslin on Channel 4's Big Breakfast