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  • SFX & other audio music magazines

    I've heard a few times about SFX, a 1980s music magazine on a tape, but haven't been able to find that much about it.

    Rare Rock by Tony Rees has a decent write up, including a list of interviewees.

    There seemed to be a few music magazines around in the early 1980s with listened content.

    Flexipop had a flexidisc of exclusive music with each copy, & NME & a few other of the mainstream mags started to have tapes of rareish music & interviews as a common free gift.

    Does anyone have any memories of these?
    The Trickster On The Roof

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    Re: SFX & other audio music magazines

    I used to buy the odd copy of SFX, which was just a cassette attached to a cardboard backing. Wasn't that great I seem to recall.
    Flexipop was the one I bought every issue of, and later a much better magazine called Underground, which was same Idea, but with tape on the front. It didn't last long, but had some great tapes (very much Indie stuff).

    The most extravagant was Debut magazine, an album sized magazine with 12" vinyl album. One recall buying two issues though


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      Re: SFX & other audio music magazines

      Thanks for the reply.

      The main novelty of SFX seemed to be actually hearing the interviewee's voice rather then it being transcribed.

      The Flexipop discs are collectable as some have exclusive material, & there was an album of the better tracks.

      I've got the feeling I've seen a Debut at a record fair.
      The Trickster On The Roof