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  • Go Ask Alice

    I picked this book up at random in the library, not having heard of it before. published in 1971 it is the story of a teenage girl who falls into drug addiction. It is written as a series of diary entries, and at the time caused controversy as it was misleadingly pitched as a true account. I must admit that when I picked it up I thought it was a true account too, although on reading it I did become suspicious. The events seemed a bit far fetched in places and the writing seemed a bit advanced for a 15 year old, but I still felt duped when I discovered it wasn't true. Has anybody else read it?
    1976 Vintage

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    Re: Go Ask Alice

    I've heard of this, especially people thought it was true at first.

    There was a film made of it, with William Shatner playing Alice's Dad.

    Supposedly there is a similar book about a teenage boy who accidentally joins a satanic cult.
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      Re: Go Ask Alice

      Obviously a quote from the lyrics of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit

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