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Fairy Tales by Terry Jones

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  • Fairy Tales by Terry Jones

    Does anyone remember a children's book called Fairy Tales which was written by Terry Jones? Despite the generic title, it wasn't full of traditional fairy tales as such, but various children's stories written by Jones himself.

    In around 1988 I borrowed the talking book version from a local library, and I know that Una Stubbs was the female reader on the tape - other readers were Brian Glover and David King. Stories that I remember included "The Corn Dolly" read by Stubbs; "The Cake Horse" about a horse made of cake; "The Fly By Night"; and: "Jack One Step" where someone called Jack could take one step and go as far as the moon if he wanted to. They do sound as if they were on Jackanory at some point, although probably not read by the same people on the talking book version.

    I saw this webpage if it jogs anyone's memories: Fairy tales by Jones, Terry, 1942-, Stubbs, Una, Glover, Brian, King, David (

    Does it jog anyone's memories?
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    I didn't have that, but I did have a Terry Jones fairy book. Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book with art by Brain Stroud.
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