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  • Findus

    I was thinking just now that Findus as a brand is extremely low profile these days in Britain, probably limiting itself to the Crispy Pancakes range and one or two other food items (cue the sub-Adrian Mole teenage boy in the adverts with the packets stuck on his bedroom wall).

    Their lasagne was very popular in supermarket freezer compartments, until the horsemeat scandal in 2013 where I assume they stopped making it as a result, and supermarkets stopped selling it. And of course their French Bread Pizza that is limited to shop own brand these days. Their slogan in the early 1980s was "success on a plate - for you". It was a surprise that Findus was part of Nestle in the 1990s as I never thought of an official connection.

    What was your favourite food made by Findus?
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    My Mum used to buy Findus fish fingers & Cod portions.

    Ross is another frozen food company that seems to keep a low profile, some brands are only sold in certain shops these days.
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      My daughter loved the pizza crispy pancakes, stopped making them a long time ago but she has a box front stuck in one of her old scrapbooks