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    Have you noticed how difficult it is to buy a pan with a metal lid nowadays?! They almost always have glass lids.

    I was recently looking through the houseware and kitchen supplies sections of old catalogues from the 1980s and 90s and I noticed that most pans back then had metal lids.

    It makes me wonder if most pan lids are now made in the same factory.

    How many factories are there left in Britain making pans and pan lids? Apart from high-end masterchef accessories like Netherton Foundry it's next to impossible to buy a British made pan that's new.

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    Re: Pan lids

    Arran, you have too much time on your hands mate
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      Re: Pan lids

      A few months ago I spent / wasted a lot of time searching for a decent set of saucepans with metal lids and found that almost all of them have glass lids. More recently I was looking through old catalogues from the 1980s and 90s, not specifically for pans, and I noticed that most pans back then had metal lids. If you wanted glass lids then you generally had to buy the Pyrex glass pans.


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        Re: Pan lids

        I was given a set of saucepans when I moved into my new place over four years ago and they didn't have any lids either - I suppose you are suppose to improvise by putting a plate over it as a lid.

        The good old Vision brand of the 1980s - transparent glass pans with lids. My parents had some as well, although they were always stored in the kitchen cupboards.

        (It's a good job that this thread didn't have "Pan Handles" as it's subject title!)
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          Re: Pan lids

          I've still got some pans that my sister originally had to use when she was at university, but have replaced them by some newer ones with transparent lids.
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