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    Did anyone have drops of Karvol put onto their pyjamas by their parents before they went to bed as a child? - they were capsules in tiny brown bottles (they looked like to me) that were available from the chemist which were used to help a child breathe and get some sleep when they have a blocked up nose or sore throat. The adverts used to show a small boy in bed with those difficulties and his father putting a few drops onto his clothes before he went to bed. "Teddy's got a cold too, Daddy", the young boy exclaimed, and so the bear has some as well. Cue young boy going to sleep, and the Teddy Bear having a mind of its own and also turning over (I have a feeling that the bed was shared with a puppeteer when the advert was made - think of the George and Zippy "in bed" scenes on Rainbow - either that or some great camera trickery was used to make it). Another advert made a couple of years later shows a toddler crying in his cot - when Karvol is used, he stops crying and enjoys the fragrance and soon he is fast asleep.

    It always reminds me of Sunday evening, staying up for That's Life! and being unable to go to school on Monday morning, possibly due to something happening at 3.37 am which made unable for school a few hours later. Reading back from the thread that I made about having to go back to school after Christmas which I did at the start of this year had reminded me of that. I am sure that I also had Karvol (if that is how it was spelt) on my clothes to help me sleep when I had a cold. Do chemists still sell them, I wonder? I believe they could be washed from clothes, but I can remember the fragrance as I am writing this.

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    I remember that advert.
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      We had some menthol and eucalyptus oil goop dabbed on the chest when you had a sinus cold, called Vap-o-rub I think, in a shallow tin. I hated the stuff. Karvol sounds a lot more pleasant, and the teddy advert sounds well done!
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        karvol Plus container is a decongestant medication. It is utilized to mitigate blockage in the nasal entry in the event of cold and contaminations of the respiratory parcel.