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    Back in the 70s lots of people around my estate had dogs.
    99 percent of them were mongrels but one or two had a pedigree mutt.
    The in fashion canine of the time was either an Afghan or an old English sheepdog but the amount of times I heard that someone had got a new puppy and it’s a Dulux dog AND it was directly related to the actual one from the TV Ad. It’s actual pup/ brother/ sister
    I think the first time I was told this I believed it but definitely not the fifth!
    I never heard this tall tale (tail?) regarding Andrex pups probably because there was ads with lots of them in and there was numerous Labs around whereas Old English Sheepdogs were few and far between

    Any one else hear tall stories that repeatedly done the rounds in your youth?

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    My childhood dog was a Mongrel, Alsatian/Labrador named Rusty. I had him for my first birthday off a lady my Mum and I met on the Bus on the way to hospital.

    The story is I was sat by the lady and started to try and mess in her shopping trolley, my mum started to tell me off for being nosy when the lady told my mum it was OK she knew what I was after and showed my mum the trolley was full of puppies she was taking to the pet shop.

    They got talking as I petted the one she had placed on my knee. she asked Mum If I would like him, my mum thanked her for her very kind offer but explained we were going to the hospital so we could not take him.

    The next day there was a knock on the door which just happened to be my first birthday, and there was the lady with my favorite Pup in hand, She told my Mum she had passed our house every day on the bus and had seen us kids (mainly my older siblings playing in the garden) so knew where we lived.

    He fitted right into our family and lived to be 16 years old. The best thing back then was they were free to roam, he'd go out in the morning, go up the street to a friends dog name frizz, then the two of them would met another dog named Rebel and off the three of them would go for the day, always coming home when they were hungry!!


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      My family owned a whippet - are they usually breeds of dog that are usually kept as family pets? (before my time). I always assumed that they were mostly seen at racetracks like greyhounds are.
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