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RIP Bunny Wailer

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  • RIP Bunny Wailer

    One of reggae's most important voices, Neville O'Riley Livingston OM OJ, known professionally as Bunny Wailer, has died at the age of 73.

    The musician, from Kingston, Jamaica, was a founding member of The Wailers alongside his childhood friend, Bob Marley.

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    Such a shame, i have only recently started getting into reggae music and the wailers were amongst the best.
    Ejector seat?...your jokin!


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      Bunny was credited as Neville Livingston, or N. Livingston, on really early Wailers records; the ska era. He outlived the others, unless you count Rita. Aston Barrett is still alive too I believe, the one the called 'family man'. But of the very original Wailing Wailers with Cherry and Junior Braithwaite passed they are all gone now.

      I really enjoy that one Wailers number Bunny wrote titled 'Walk The Proud Land'!

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