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Did anyone else get Home-Made school info on moving up to High School/Secondary?

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  • Did anyone else get Home-Made school info on moving up to High School/Secondary?

    We did!! It was perhaps (probably) made by fledging Computer Studies Kids in the 4th/5th Year (or Year 10/11 in Today's currencey) ... quite good it was too to say it was 32 years back in 88 I think (given Tech then and then Tech now)

    I think some of the photos probably was taken by theKids of variouds important School Buildings (and it was dune in a Justine Dean-Mr- Robson-Grange hill way) when Robbo commandeared Justine to help with the Prospectous) oin Camcorda in Series 17 in 94! Obviously my Schoool's version was a thousand times of inferior standard compared to Justine's (as too Justine's was on Camcorda) and that you can not compare both lol

    One day - if and when I get round to it I'll may-be scan it on here (though it is 10/15 .... may-be 20 pages long0, but it is a minefield of info on everything you can expect and all the do's and dont's etc!!

    Everything too from School Dinners to the Tuck Shop (that my Ex-Form Teacher helped run) to other mind boggling info in=-between to School Uniform (though it never added your Tie thin was a no, no strangley) and of course other bits we had to fill on the induction day itself obviously!!


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    We got one of those "welcome to XXX Comprehensive School" booklet things to take home on the Open Day in the July before we started - 16 pages or so printed out from an average computer into A5 size, telling us who the Headteacher, Deputies, Year Heads was, etc, along with various subjects and things o fill in about what things we would learn about - a bit like a pupils' answer to the parents' handbook that they got on the Open Evening.
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