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  • haunted school

    did anyone else go to a primary school which was reputedly haunted?

    i can remember several girls refusing to go to the (admittedly dark and dingy) loos by themselves and one girl crying when she heard something in the cloakroom, which again was a scary place for a small child alone, all those shapes of coats stacked up in a line and not knowing what might be hidning amonst them.

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    Re: haunted school

    For a year I went to a special school that was originally a big old house, then became a private girls school, before the council bought it up.

    This was rumoured to be haunted. The story went that when it was a girls school a housekeeper fatally fell down some stairs while the school was closed for the holidays, & wasn't found for days.

    Since then her ghost was supposed to haunt the older parts of the school. While was there the domitory (it still had the signs on the door) was just used for storing school equipment that was only needed occasionally. Once or twice I helped get stuff down from there, & it seemed a bit spooky there.

    These days the school had been converted into flats, so I wonder if anyone living there has noticed anything there.
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      Re: haunted school

      Dunno about haunted,but our school dinner hall was set back from the school in the woods.There was reputedly a murder in there and for a long time we weren't allowed to use dinner hall and the area was roped off.I remember looking at pics taken in that area a couple of years after this and I was always scared.

      Was there a murder?I don't know