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    Who else used to collect these? I have loads tbh and colleced them avidly - even to about the Year 2000

    I have some very old ones too - that a relation in the Family gave me - 19878 and 1982 (the last one Panini), though unsure if the first was

    I have others too - many completed with Teams or one short - like the 1989 one!

    I first started seriously with the 1987 Season - when they had the 2nd Division Club badge and Team pic in it (as well as later editions of Football Leauge ONLY ones), after they had stopped doing the same for the 3rd Division. My 1990 is a personal fave too - I remember you could collect Red and Yellow packet Stickers for the first time ever that Season with like Badges and Managers in one and players in the others! I recall the 1992 Panini being a dissapointing one indeed with barley any features - but then by 1993 Merlin took over and was way in-front I think standard-wise - especialy celebrating the opening of the Premier

    As for the 78 and 82 ones though - though they are in a terrible state, I would seriously 9and am seriously) considering selling them, as I am sure they can be repaired/mended by someone with time and care to spare!

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    I had Panini 81 and 82 also the 1982 World Cup. I remember it was hard to get the shiny club badge stickers. I also had a Return of the Jedi one.
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      I did as well as some lads in my class - 1986-1987, methinks. Just like marbles, football stickers were always the unofficial currency of the school playground. Cue about four or five lads, clustered in a circle at playtime as if they were up to no good and plotting something, but what they were actually doing? Something religious or being part of a secret society? No - they were swapping stickers, and they were saying: "I've got two of those" and "I haven't got that one", and so on. The amount of ripped and empty Panini sticker packets on the pavements outside local newsagents in the area was enough for shopkeepers to have a fit and reach for their sweeping brushes.

      And by the time there were only half a dozen to complete, every Panini packet had a repetition of football stickers that we already had. It's a bit like those "six to collect" toys inside Kellogg's breakfast cereal packets at the time, except that it was the same toy every time as they came from the same batch!
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        Hi, came across this post whilst looking for something else, if anyone is collecting the current Panini sticker collection Premier League 2024 I do actually sell them on my website.

        Was genuinely not a spam post but hopefully may interest some of you
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          I remember Watchdog having a look at sticker books, working out how much it cost to get a complete collection.
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            The first (and only) one I ever completed was the Sun sticker book in 1990/91. Strange that my parents bought me the Sun one as they're Scousers and it was not long after Hillsborough. I say I completed it but two of the stickers were faulty and were just silhouettes of the player.

            I had a couple of the Merlin ones in the mid-90s but never completed any. I remember going to a "swap shop" event where you could take your stickers and get them swapped. They completely underestimated how many people would turn up and had to accept that not everyone would get a chance, however they gave everyone an address to send their swaps to in exchange for the ones they wanted. I just asked for all the shinies and got them, along with a nice apology letter for the disappointment on the day.

            This year's Premier League sticker album is free, I picked one up a few weeks ago. The stickers cost a fortune though. I quite like the recent trend of drawing your own!