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Technology that has died since the year 2000

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    Re: Technology that has died since the year 2000

    Originally posted by 80sChav View Post
    Par boots - this is true yeah and may-be Superdrug

    Video Playing Machines are another and a mega one I was only talking about yesterday is the old Computer's (around 1992/3 - 1995/97) i recall where you had too loads a Disc into the the Drive itself or on the Machine (may-be!!), but you had to save to certain Drives - one A) I think was to the machine and C/D ) to the Disc as back up/or more 1st choice!!

    It is incredible to think A) pardon the pun here, that we had to this and it is only 20 years since or so and that Computers looked like they do Today and B) all this existed - abliet sllightly (in the internet days) though as though the 'net had being going many years 1992 onwards-mid 90s was when it came into existance as we know it now!!

    Another 2 - lesser so though I can think of - are Paigers and the sadly missed Fax Machine as well!


    A: was the 3.5" drive
    B: was the 5.25" drive
    C: was the hard drive
    D: was typically the CD/DVD drive or maybe another kind of drive

    Even on today's PCs, the A, B, C, D etc convention is still used, though few will now have drives A and B, and even CD/DVD drives are not always fitted.

    Yes, sometimes you would put a 3.5" or 5.25" floppy into the appropriate drive and copy its contents to the C drive, though sometimes if the floppy contained an executable program it could be run from the floppy, or there would be a 'setup' file which would do everything for you. You would also I think be referring to using MS-DOS rather than Windows, where text commands are entered to get the PC to do what you wanted.


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      Website discussion forums made with software like vBulletin or phpBB, although their heyday was between 2000 and 2010ish. Society has turned its back on them in favour of Facebook. This forum is an increasingly rare breed now.

      In many respects it's tragic as it's a centralisation of the internet where the owners and users of Facebook groups are at the mercy of Mark Zuckerberg.

      The internet succeeded in the 1990s and early 2000s because it was a decentralised system (compared with centralised systems like BT Prestel, Teletext, and these pseudointernet services from Compuserve and AOL - all of which have died) but now large swathes of the internet are in the iron grip of a small number of mega corporations like Google and Facebook. The 'open' internet is dying, through a combination of abandonment by users and the way that the mega corporations hoover up most of the advertising revenue, to the point where in 10 years time a 'freestanding' website will probably be as quaint and as obsolete as renting a VHS video from a shop on Saturday night.


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        Agreed, I much prefer using "Forums" but they seem to be viewed nowadays as niche. A few online communities i belong to were forced to ditch their forums because nobody was using them anymore due to social media. Instead they now use facebook groups, discord or reddit.
        I guess usenet suffered the same fate when forums became popular, although usenet was a harsh place to be with the tech types who thrived there enjoying their abilities to belittle casual or new users. I used to have to moderate my old work's newsgroups and that was a truly horrible task, as any slip up or miss-step meant the "internet experts" would willingly jump on it as if they'd been waiting all their sad lives for it to happen.


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          I don't care for the zippy and often extremely brief texts natures of the facebook or twitter things... I'd like them to have a zipper mouth I can shut like the puppet on Rainbow and they would go away! Both have done much in terms of getting bad misinformation out there. I've never registered with either but heard enough negative about Facebook, and I've never wanted to hand over all my info to sign up.
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