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RIP Shearings and National holidays Coaches and other ascociated firms of theirs

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  • RIP Shearings and National holidays Coaches and other ascociated firms of theirs

    I was a bit unsure where to put this, so hope I'm right adding it here. Shearings was a Coach firm known Country-wide as was national holidays to a degree(and i'd certainly hold them in the same vain as Eddie Stowbart Lorries as being known as a Nationwide Firm

    If it was Coron or not that hammered their Final Nail - as a Transport Fanatic or even someone who takes notice of vechiles on the Road's .... it is a sad sad day (or Friday was) after 101 years in the Holidaying game (and as a result it also took Wallace Arnold Travel Agents down the swanny (one of the few remaining Private and Indepedent Travel Agents after Shearings merged with Wallace Arnold in 20005 to intialy form WH Shearings before reverting back to plain Shearings

    Regardless too it is a sorry day for the Coach Industry and Hotel-iers they served as one firm tweeted how they belonged to the "Goildemn Age OfCoach travel" and given the merger with Wallace Arnold i can appreciate that setement no end. Alas it also only leaves a few big Coach Firns as players on the Market if any after Robinsons who are one of the few major ones at 97 years old I can think of that do UK Tours Ledger Holidays don't really cater for this as they do more upmarket Tours over several Country's. Either way given Robinsons run Hotels and not many Country's Borders are open both Robinsons and Ledger must be well nervy and Robinsons more so in a way, as they ran UK and European Tours/Holidays. I will certainly miss Shearings Aqua Marine Greeny-Blue Coaches - that is for sure .... a sorry sight lost frommany a Motorway and Motorway Services!