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    have a feeling that many people have been going over to facebook and deserting the many forums on the web.
    On facebook you can find lots of groups on all subjects, you can easily drag and drop pics and videos into the group... its all very easy and a massive site.

    Big up to the do you remember forum... theres a great drag and drop system on this forum to get pics onto a thread, the days of having to get codes are over ...

    a lot of forums now have this feature so forums could be stageing a fight back against the all conquering facebook guys !

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    Not me - I find Facebook slightly creepy because of people I have known from the past on there, and I prefer to use the more private environment such as forums like this one.

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      I've managed so far not to register with Facebook, heard all kinds of stressful stories from folks who have been on it. I definitely never would sign on with Twitter, I don't want to feel a twit!
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        Not interested in Facebook or twitter