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Shaving v growing a beard

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  • Shaving v growing a beard

    I am mostly referring to the male kind of having to scrape the face either every day or every week to avoid stubble forming to make you look like Captain Birdseye. The razor adverts show the man looking into his bathroom mirror after cutting himself shaving, and applying Andrex to the wounds - I know that Reg Holdsworth did this in a 1990s Coronation Street episode which didn't do much for him at all.

    I have always used scissors as I have not been very keen on using a shaver or a razor - since the age of 15 I have never fully grown a beard as a result, but on the other hand, I have never been clean shaven either. I did get a Boots shaver for Christmas in 2019 but one of these days I might use it, perhaps when I am in a hotel or somewhere like that. I have always wondered with regards to those who have a beard or moustache - did they simply grow them because they hated shaving, or did they grow them to make themselves sophisticated and more senior? My face does feel like the side of a hedgehog, and it is when that happens which indicates when to trim it off. It's a pity that nature cannot keep us clean-shaven all the time!

    I know that lots of men have to be clean shaven for their work and for Health and Safety reasons, and dare I mention Steven "Banksy" Banks in the first episode of the 1986 episode of Grange Hill? I believe that Jeffery Kissoon (Mr Kennedy) had a false moustache for the benefit of the storyline in which he "shaved" it off a couple of episodes - perhaps that was why Simon Heywood (Mr Smart) actually left the series? A lot of my science teachers (the ones we called "Sir" in any case") had a full set of stubble, mostly grown in lieu of losing the hair on their heads, probably inspiring male pupils as to whether they should save or get rid of any facial hair that they will grow when they get older.

    I suppose when it comes to the other sort of shaving, such as using Veet on the legs (well, it does happen, doesn't it?), and of course wearing trousers can cover it up (it's just a pity that we can't do that on the face). Mind you, the facemask wearing that we obviously do these days for obvious reasons can help over facial stubble as well.

    Anyone on here shaves or even has a beard in opposition to shaving? I am not a pogonophobic so there should be no problem there!

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    Thankfully women haven't got to go through this each day,if a man looks after their beards then they can look attractive if you like that sort of thing,but the captain birdseye look is a real put off and can look scruffy.Michael McDonald the singer when he was younger had a beard and it did suit him,the same goes for long hair on guys one look I think is awful and scruffy is men In ponytails


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      I'm clean shaven, but can only use an electric razor because wet razors always seem to cut my face to shreds!

      My brother has a beard which makes him looks older because it has a lot of grey in it.
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        Used to keep a short, stubbly beard but, since lockdown last year, haven't trimmed my beard at all.
        it now looks somewhere between the Ragnar Lodbruk and Catweazel look.
        I quite like it, but the wife's no so keen!


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          Prior to lockdown 1 I had never had a beard but with not having to leave the house to go to work for nearly a year now I have had several. In fact my other half prefers me with one but I get sick of them after a while and shave off and then start again.
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