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    Correction :
    Red Diesel = ale.
    Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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      Glasgow again:
      swatch (pronounced sw-hatch) - to look


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        Oooh not a good thread for a Lanky lass to start in on....
        Wazzums= worms
        Ginnel= alleyway between two houses
        hotch up= make room/move up
        barm cake= fool
        moidering= annoying
        cupboard love=flartching = buttering someone up
        corporation pop= water
        moggybats= daddy long leg insects
        jinny green teeth= spooky monster supposed to haunt any watery area.
        Slutch= really watery mud
        moldywarp= mole
        riffing = scratching head/ got head lice
        glory 'ole = cupboard under the stairs
        guzunder = the chamber pot
        chunnering/ grizzling = continual muttering/whinging
        Coal 'ole Cavalry = shift of miners going to/from t'pit.... the sound of clogs on't cobbles allus meks sound of osses 'ooves.
        Dropping t'sneck! = dropping the knob on a lock on the inside of the door that prevents it being unlocked .
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          Manchester sayings (not exclusive to Manchester but widely used)

          Spawny or Jowcy - lucky
          Do One - go away
          Billy No - friendless (as in Billy-No-Mates)
          Minger - ugly person
          Shedded - tired or drunk
          Spannered - drunk
          W*nkered - tired or drunk
          Numpty - stupid person
          Yonner - countryside folk
          Owt - anything
          Nowt - nothing
          Ee'ar - here you go/excuse me/come here
          Aye - yes
          Sh*te Hawk - devious/scheming person
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