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  • local sayings/different lingo

    every county in england/wales/ireland/scotland all have a saying that means somthing like in the midlands the word brew means cup of tea,and so on. so what sayins do you have in your county's lingo and what does it mean.

    doen drekly on,(i will do the job when i am ready and not before)

    teasy as an adder,( the person in mind is'nt very happy)

    theres two lets here your's
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    Round here :

    An oinseach ( pronounced " oon-shock" ) is a stupid woman.
    Raimeis ( raw-maish ) is rubbish, as in what people talk.
    Quare can mean strange, or very as in "Quare good".
    A quarehawk is a funny or strange person.
    Ye / youse/ yez are all 2nd person plural, as in " are both of ye going to the pub ?"
    and finally;
    I'd ate a nun's ar5e through the bars of a convent gate is an expression of hunger.

    Is doen drekly on in Cornish, daubers ?
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      tis dammie right me ansome(yes you are quite right)the other thing with us cornish(apart from the spelling)is we don't pronounce our h's like (he)would be e over there or ave e seen me pastie.

      another one our sayings is black as a pit, means very dark
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        While we don't do th's ( thirty-three becomes tirtytree and we take a "bat" when we're sweaty or tired ),
        and we drink tay and mate is what we like to ate.

        Languages, dialects,etc. were my only strong point in school.
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          Having recently met some friends from afar they laugh at some sayings like "slow up" when they drive too fast, "over yonder" over there, "Yon end" other end lol


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            eh...something that annoys me where I live...People say "have a good one" when they are parting ways. It just gets annoying after hearing it 10 times a day. I don't use it at all.
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              Ppl in scotland cal glaswegians 'weedgies' and glaswegians call every1 else in scotland chookters.

              Celtic fans are refered to as tims / fenians
              Rangers fans are refered to as huns / d.o.b.'s / ork's

              Other words often used are:
              bam - idiot
              boggin - dirty/disgusting
              hoose - house
              jakey - vagrant/alcoholic
              tonic - buckfast wine
              brief - car
              wean - child
              tap dancer - top floor as in a block of flats
              ya dancer - nice 1
              whit - what
              aye - yes
              close - front entrance to a tenemant
              tenemant - 3 storey block of flats
              midgey - comunal rubish bin for a tenemant
              midgey raker - a person who goes through rubbish bins

     think of more


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                Here's what people from various parts of Ireland are called :

                Dublin - Dubs or Jackeens
                Cork - Langers
                Waterford - Blaa's
                Kilkenny - Cats
                Offaly - Biffos
                Wexford - Yellowbellies
                Tipperary - Stonethrowers.
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                  here are a few more glesga (glasgow) sayings

                  rerr terr - good time
                  torn faced - miserable looking
                  glaikit - stupid


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                    My husband is from Essex (poor bloke) and when we got married came to live in Derbyshire with me. 4 years later I am still translating for him. Some examples include:

                    cob - bread roll
                    snap - food/sandwiches
                    snap tin - sandwich box
                    ginnel/ jitty - path
                    mash tea - brew tea
                    mend the fire - put coal on the fire (took some explaining that the fire wasn't actually broken)
                    firk - scratch hard
                    council pop - water
                    kali - sherbert
                    nesh - feels the cold
                    spice - sweets

                    Around here people from Sheffield/Yorkshire are called dee da's and they call Derbyshire people right right's.
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                      here are a couple of sayings from the 80's ...

                      the girls used to disappear for a PW - private word, or you might have a PJ - private joke.

                      Some crude saying would be ...

                      Close to cloth = need the loo badly!
                      Turtle eating lettuce/ turtle head poking out = if I don't reach a loo soon it's not going to be good.


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                        Another couple of Scottish words:

                        cludgie - toilet
                        stookie- plaster cast
                        peely-wally - pale faced
                        oxters- armpits


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                          And one from here : a "Shellikipookie" is a snail.
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                            Here one from Wigan - A babys yead. Which is a meat pudding (soft on top)


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                              Red lead = luncheon sausage that you get sliced like salami, nice in a sandwich.
                              Red lead = ale.
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