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  • Days Of The Week Pants

    These were a trend back in the mid 70s. They were pretty self-explanatory really,- seven pairs of pants, each with a day of the week on them, and either a cartoon or floral motif or something. You could anyone's personality by the wearing of these undergarments. If they were the sensible and fastidious type, they'd always match the correct pair for that day. If they were a bit of an anarchist, they'd think nothing of wearing Saturday's pants on a Monday and behaving accordingly! Crazy stuff!

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    Re: Days Of The Week Pants

    I remember Peter Kay having a pair of these in Max & Paddy.

    When my sister was very young she had 2 sets of bibs, one with the days of the week & another with different meals. My Mum tried to keep them in order, & me & my brother were good at spotting if a wrong one was used.
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      Re: Days Of The Week Pants

      I've got socks with the day of the week on now.

      Doesn't help my left foot says Monday and my right Thursday
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