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    Hi, Iím looking for a band from '80s. The band was formed by two mixed couples Ė white one and black one, i.e. two men and two women. Iím sure, the drums player was the black man and the white man played the guitar and sang. Both women, i.e. the black and white, played guitar and bass guitar, but I donít remember who of them played which instrument.

    I believe you could help me to identify the band (it was probably a so‑called one-hit wonder), because there wasn't a lot of rock/pop English singing bands formed by one black woman, one black man, one white woman and one white man in the 1980s, was it?

    You can listen to a short extract from the little known song there under this link, but it is just a very simple/primitive demo I have made at home. (The sound was very similar as for example Status Quo.)

    Please, can you help me identifying the band from the '80 I am still searching for?