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  • Creedence Clearwater Revival

    A great band from 60s& 70s sang a lot of good songs always remember John Fogarty with his page boy hair cut.He had a fab voice it's a shame he fell out with his brother Tom

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    One of my favorite bands , can't think of any song i dislike.


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      They were one of the top-selling groups from 1969-71, and deservedly so, but growing up I assumed they must be from the deep south of the U.S., lyrics with bayous, rivers and jungles and all, but they were actually from the San Francisco area. My father was a huge fan and not only did his weekends and holidays band play many CCR songs, he even got a Kustom brand amp/PA and tower speakers set-up in emulation of them. I have to admit though, hearing Bad Moon Rising coming up from the basement where they rehearsed was a scary memory from childhood!

      Later still I found out they'd actually been together for about ten years, the same four guys, before they started having all those huge hits like Proud Mary, Green River, Fortunate Son etc., with names like The Blue Velvets and The Golliwogs (they blame the record label for that last one). Under any name you want to turn them up loud!
      My virtual jigsaws:


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        I liked Looking at my back door,Sweet hitch hiker.Long version of Heard it through Grapevine