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The Jacksons or The Jackson Five?

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  • The Jacksons or The Jackson Five?

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between The Jacksons and The Jackson Five?

    Was it just a name change or did the band members change too?
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    Motown owned the name 'Jackson 5', so when they changed to Epic(for "more artistic freedom") in 1976 they changed to 'The Jacksons'. Jermaine left the band(but stayed with Motown after marrying Berry Gordy's daughter) and Randy joined the Jacksons in his place, so I think they stayed offically with 5 members throughout... although there were enough brothers and sisters to keep the band fully stocked up if anyone else did leave! I have a question... how many Jacksons are there?(I'm counting 6 brothers and two sisters so far.. I'm sure there is at least one more sister though. Theres Janet.. Latoya... who else[?]


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      Very interesting, i didnt know that.
      I was wondering myself about this also.


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        I'm pretty sure there is only the eight members of the family. The six brothers and two sisters. Michael, Randy, Tito, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine, Latoya and Janet. Janet is the youngest I believe.


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          There are actually 9 children.
          You missed out the eldest, Maureen, known as Rebbie.
          Old enough to know better...


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            Thanks pop! I was just about to put can't forget her. She had one hit but I can't remember the name of it though. Bizarre music video with smoke and men. I think it was called centipede or something to that effect.
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