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Any one know this cheesy 80's song

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  • Any one know this cheesy 80's song

    There was a song i used to love as a kid and i would love to here it again. it was on a mix tape i used to have.

    It went

    "all the people on the left....wop bam boogie"

    "all the people on the right...boogaloo"


    " wobba dickle wobba dickle boogaloo.....wobba dickle wobba dickle wop bam boogie(you probably get the idea"

    It was in a kind of ragga style

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Matt Bianco ??


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      yep, it was Matt Bianco and was called wap bam boogie. I have it on an album
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        Backety - Backety, Bo, Bo
        Backety - Backety, Wap Bam Boogie

        Inspired lyrics.

        Seriously though, I like anything with a dance feel (I am a DJ!) and this ticked the box for me - still play it out today, although only in the "warm up minutes", early doors.



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          Loved Get Out your Lazy Bed - was Matt Bianco an individual or a group ?
          Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!


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            IIRC they were a group - wasn't the name derived from a shade of italian paint?????


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              hmmm i thought it was just one guy....but clive - it sounds like you know what you're talking about! check out ronnie's samba!
              Listen to Ronnie's Samba by Matt Bianco :


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                Yep the song was 'Wap Bam Boogie', currently on 'The Best Of Matt Bianco'. A 1990 release. The band have reformed to do a new album, due 2006-7.

                Most of the Bianco writing was done by Mark Reilly & Mark Fisher, but the other main members of the onstage trio were Danny White and the gorgeous 'Basia' Trzetrzelewaska. Don't ask how to pronouce that! Plenty to find on YOU TUBE site!


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                  it was band called matt bianco


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                    and they were scottish too


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                      all this talk of matt bianco has stired the grey matter

                      anyone remember seeing them on swapshop ( i think )
                      there was a live phone in and someone got through and called them a bunch of Wa***rs. noel edmonds was lost for words lol


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                        Yeah I saw that. Wonder if it was the same caller who asked Five Star why they were so sh**??

                        I thought Matt Bianco were a 2 piece or 3 piece combo?


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                          hehe..,but as it was Saturday superstore,not Multi Coloured swap shop.
                          It was Mike Read presenting,not Noel Edmonds.