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Just got to do a bit of bragging!

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  • Just got to do a bit of bragging!

    Late last year I went to two live gigs.

    The first one is a little embarassing - Status Quo! I saw them at King George's Hall in Blackburn and they were fantastic. The didn't do as many of the classic's as I would have like to hear but great all the same. I was bouncing up and down at the front like a seasoned rocker by the end.

    Secondly (and more important), I went to see DURAN DURAN at the MEN arena in Manchester on 18th December. I wasn't allowed to go 20 years ago as my parents didn't trust me as an influential 14 year old - and no-one would go with me!

    All I can say is that it was well worth the wait! My sister-in-law (a hardened Spandeau fan) came with me and she was a near convert by the end of the show.

    John Taylor is STILL wearing those leather trousers, Simon went crowd-surfing at one point, Andy Taylor couldn't stand still and they finished the set with the classic "Wild Boys".

    I can't wait for the next one!

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    We saw Status Quo last year at Nottingham Royal Centre and they were good. More than good even. Had The Casbah Club supporting them. They were good also.
    Van_Whistler (too young to understand - old enough to know better)


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      Nothing wrong with The Quo!! My then future wife and I saw then five times in a week once in the early eighties, four nights at Hammersmith and then at the NEC in Birmingham. I haven't seen them for a few years now mind you, they're even older than me!


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        Ah! Duran were the first band I ever saw live (aged a tender 13). I still can't believe my folks let me go! One of my kids is 13 and there's noooo way.......

        I went (on a coach - no parents!!!) with the other major Duranie in my year and we were the envy of the whole school. So exciting - Leeds Queen's Hall, I remember being amazed that Duran were ACTUALLY THERE!!!