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    Donít know how to move a thread so repost here

    Is there any way to find out a track listing of a radio programme?
    Im looking for a playlist for Tommy Vance , radio 1, Rock on , broadcast 12/01/1980 afternoon.

    Apart from the Cozy Powell gig ( which I have) but the rest of the show Iíd like to find What other tracks were broadcast on Rock On.

    Itís easy to track down recordings and track listings of THe Friday Rock Show ,but not so with Rock On saturday.

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    Re: Radio playlist

    I don't think that radio stations have playlists that far back. On a tangent, I contacted what used to be Radio Trent a few years ago and asked them if they could date an off-air audio recording, giving clues from adverts and what the presenter said - obviously, and information has been long gone.
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      Re: Radio playlist

      Yeah, I think the info I’m after will now haunt me to my grave,
      I contacted the Beeb archive site

      but no reply