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Radio comedy sketch 80s radio 1 maybe 2

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  • Radio comedy sketch 80s radio 1 maybe 2

    I’m trying to remember the name of the DJ or show that had a sort of comedy sketch thing in it .
    I’m sure it was only broadcast on the weekend as I listened to it at home and never at work and the presenter would have not been a weekday regular (and certainly not Steve Wright as I always turned him off)
    wasn’t Adrian Just as his show used tv and movie Soundclips
    i think it was radio 1 and was basically a guy telling a tale in a kind of West Country accent with some plinky plonks piano music in the background
    any ideas?

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    Might it have been Andrew McGibbon, who used to have small comical interludes during the Kevin Greening show?

    If it's who I'm thinking of, his voice sounded like this:


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      Sounds like it…..thanks